Traditional Dutch Events in Hoogeveen

Traditional Dutch Events in Hoogeveen

Hoogeveen is a city in the Dutch province of Drenthe. Famous for its historical and cultural riches, Hoogeveen hosts traditional Dutch events. This article will provide detailed information about the traditional events held in Hoogeveen. Hoogeveen was founded in 1636 and is located in an area surrounded by canals. The city was founded by Dutch engineer Dirk van Boekholt. At that time, peat extraction and canals formed the basis of the city’s economy. Along with this historical past, Hoogeveen also hosts traditional events.

1. Bockbier Days

Bockbier Days is a popular beer festival held annually in October in Hoogeveen. The festival celebrates bock beers, which are produced especially in this season and have a high alcohol content. During the festival, many breweries and local restaurants offer a variety of beer. There are also live music performances, dance shows and a traditional market where local delicacies can be tasted. Bockbier Days is a fun event for locals and tourists alike, an ideal opportunity to experience the beer culture of the Netherlands.

2nd Nail Biting Championship

The annual Nail Biting Championship at Hoogeveen is a traditional and interesting activity. Participants bite their nails for a while. The person with the longest and most striking nails is declared the champion. This event is part of the entertainment industry in the city and attracts many people. The Nail Biting Championship is one of Hoogeveen’s distinctive and unusual traditions.

3rd City Festival

The annual City Festival in Hoogeveen celebrates the city’s historical and cultural heritage. Many events and shows are organized within the scope of the festival. Many events such as street sweeping competitions, folk dances, live music performances, theater plays, children’s activities and local handicraft exhibitions add color to the festival. The people of Hoogeveen await this event with great excitement and celebrate it together.

4. Night-Bridge Crossing

This traditional event at Hoogeveen is known as a night parade where locals and visitors come together to walk on the canals. The Night-Bridge Crossing is organized to reveal the beauty and history of the canals at Hoogeveen. Participants walk through special bridges placed over the canals and enjoy this experience. Many activities such as street shows, open-air exhibitions and musical performances are offered during the event. Hoogeveen is a city with a rich history and cultural heritage that hosts traditional Dutch events. Events such as Bockbier Days, Nail Biting Championship, City Festival and Night-Bridge Crossing ensure that the city is visited by tourists and locals. These events appeal to anyone who wants to discover the cultural richness and unique experiences of Hoogeveen. Thanks to these traditional events in Hoogeveen, visitors have the opportunity to experience the rich culture and history of the Netherlands together.


Hoogeveen is a city in the north of the Netherlands. The traditional farmers market held every year in this city is an important event where locals and farmers meet and agricultural products are sold. In this article, we will examine the details of the farmers market held in Hoogeveen.


The Hoogeveen Farmers Market has been held for many years and has a long history. According to this tradition, which first started in the 19th century, farmers living in villages would sell their products by displaying them in the market. Over time, this event grew into a larger market and moved to the city of Hoogeveen.

Event Details

The Hoogeveen Farmers Market is usually held in the summer, right in the middle of the farming season. The market is open from early morning until late evening. Especially on Saturdays, the market hosts a lot of visitors. The market area is located very close to the city center and is easily accessible.


Hoogeveen Farmers Market has many agricultural products. Fruits and vegetables stand out first. Fresh, organic and locally grown vegetables are delivered directly to the consumer from Hoogeveen farmers. Colorful fruits are available in the market according to the season and appeal to the taste of visitors.

The market also stocks other fresh foods such as dairy products, meat products, cheeses and fish. Especially the cheeses and homemade jams produced by the farmers themselves attract great attention from the visitors. All of these products are high quality and naturally produced.

Social Dimension of the Market

Hoogeveen Farmers Market is not just a shopping destination, it is also a social event. In the market area, farmers and local people come together, chat and share their experiences. This event, held in a warm atmosphere, revitalizes community spirit. It also plays an important role in keeping Hoogeveen’s culture and traditions alive.

Environmental Awareness

The Hoogeveen Farmers Market not only supports local producers, it is also an environmentally friendly event. Packaging and bags used in the market are generally made from recyclable materials. Additionally, offering organically produced products for sale emphasizes the importance of sustainable agriculture.


The annual traditional farmers market in Hoogeveen is an important event where local people and farmers come together and sell agricultural products. The market has a long history and adds traditional value to the city of Hoogeveen. This market, where fresh, organic and locally produced products are offered for sale, is both a shopping venue and a platform that encourages social interactions. Hoogeveen Farmers Market also stands out with its environmentally friendly practices and emphasizes the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Hoogeveende Kermis is one of the oldest and most established festivals in the Netherlands. This event, which has been going on for years, includes many traditions, ceremonies and entertainment that reflect Dutch culture. In this article, we will discuss Kermis Celebrated in Hoogevee in detail and explain all the important points about the festival.


Kermis Celebrated in Hoogevee is a festival that started in the 18th century and has grown and developed over the years. At that time, people living in rural areas in the Netherlands would come together to celebrate the fertile season of agriculture. Hoogeveende also hosts this agricultural festival and therefore has a very important place.

The main events of the festival include various exhibitions, concerts, markets and competitions. In particular, markets where agricultural products and livestock products are exhibited attract great attention from those who attend the festival. In addition, traditional dance and music shows that reflect the cultural values ​​of the Netherlands also form an important part of the festival.


Thousands of local and foreign tourists attend the Kermis Celebrated in Hoogevee every year. Locals from different regions of the Netherlands wear their traditional clothes during the festival and have the opportunity to taste traditional foods. Foreign tourists, on the other hand, have the chance to get to know and experience Dutch culture more closely.

Most Kermis attendees are families, as the events are family-friendly and appeal to all ages. There are many activities for children such as special playgrounds, carousels, face painting activities and clowns. In this way, the festival becomes an enjoyable experience for families.


Kermis Celebrated in Hoogevee is a festival full of various events. The most notable among these are:

  • Game of Thrones Race: One of the most popular events of the festival, the game of thrones race creates great excitement among the local people. Competitors compete with each other by demonstrating their skills on horses and in this way, they have the chance to win a big prize.
  • Dance Shows: The dance shows at Hoogeveende offer a dazzling display of traditional Dutch dances. Dance shows with colorful costumes and live music are one of the most colorful moments of the festival.
  • Dutch Cuisine: During the festival, Hoogeveende’s best restaurants offer a taste of local cuisine. Potato dishes, cheese varieties and seafood are among the delicacies tried with great pleasure by those who come to the festival.


Kermis, celebrated in Hoogevee, is an important festival reflecting Dutch culture. This event, which has been going on for years, not only keeps traditional values ​​alive, but also contributes greatly to tourism. Participants of the festival have the chance to make a historical and cultural journey and have a pleasant time with fun activities.

Participation Dutch Culture Events Participation of local and foreign tourists Traditional dance, music and food Game of Thrones Race and Dance Performances Family-friendly events Best restaurants in Hoogeveende Dutch Cuisine

Hoogeveen Museum is an essential destination for history lovers. This museum offers its visitors a unique history journey experience. Located in the city of Hoogeveen, this museum attracts attention with its rich collection and interactive exhibitions. All visitors, whether local or foreign, have an unforgettable experience here.

Hoogeveen Museum Collection

Hoogeveen Museum has an extensive collection. This collection includes various historical items such as archaeological artifacts, traditional costumes, historical objects and artistic works. Each piece carries the traces of the past to the present.

Archaeological artifacts in the museum collection shed light on the history of the region. Various ruins from ancient times offer visitors the opportunity to take a journey through those periods. Traditional costumes also reflect the cultural heritage of the region. These costumes are worn especially at local festivals and contribute to keeping the past alive.

Historical objects include items from the period. Various objects such as everyday items, jewelry and weapons help us understand what life was like at that time. These objects offer visitors a real historical experience. Additionally, the artistic works in the museum also attract attention. The works of painters, sculptors and other artists provide information about historical events and important personalities.

Hoogeveen Museum Exhibitions

Hoogeveen Museum offers interactive exhibits to its visitors. These exhibitions aim to bring history to life. Visitors encounter exquisite decorations recreating scenes from the past. In this way, they experience the feeling of witnessing historical events.

Interactive exhibits provide visitors with historical experiences. For example, you may experience how you felt in a military unit during a past war. You can also take part in a historical theater or experience living in an ancient house.

Visiting the Hoogeveen Museum with your loved ones can be a great activity. Exhibits allow visitors to have a better understanding of historical events. Additionally, events and workshops held in the museum enable visitors to actively participate.

Visit and Transportation

Hoogeveen Museum is located in the center of the city. Therefore, it is quite easy to visit. The museum is open every day of the week except Monday. You can visit the museum website to get information about visiting hours and entrance fee.

You can use public transportation to reach Hoogeveen Museum. City buses and trains stop near the museum. In this way, visitors can easily reach the museum. Additionally, if you want to go with your private vehicle, there are parking areas near the museum.

Hoogeveen Museum offers its visitors an unforgettable historical journey. This museum, which fascinates visitors with its collection and exhibitions, is a destination not to be missed for history lovers. Everyone needs to learn more about our historical and cultural heritage and this museum provides that. You too can travel to our past by visiting the Hoogeveen Museum!

Hoogeveen is a town in the Drenthe region of the Netherlands. The annual Hoogeveen Carnival is one of the largest events in the region. Carnival offers a range of events filled with colorful costumes, dances and activities, engaging people of all ages in the fun.

Colorful Costumes and Masks

Carnival is an event for which participants start preparations well in advance. People adorn themselves by designing the most creative costumes and masks. Costumes decorated with colorful feathers, bright paint and sparkling accessories create a fascinating image while wandering the streets.

Besides this, the carnival also has traditional costumes. These costumes often have historical references and reflect the cultural heritage of the region. Clothing from ancient times allows you to take a journey into the town’s past.

Marches and Demonstrations

Hoogeveen Carnival has a calendar of events filled with street parades and shows. The carnival committee includes participants from different groups and communities and offers parades, each around a different theme.

In these parades, dancers, acrobats, musicians and other entertainers put on fascinating performances. The carnival atmosphere offers participants a unique experience while sharing the excitement and joy with everyone.

Special Events for Children

Hoogeveen Carnival offers special events not only for adults but also for children. Costume contests, dance shows and activity areas for children held on the streets add to the fun of young visitors.

Theatres, puppet shows and workshops specially prepared for children during the Carnival allow them to reveal their creativity. These events offer children the opportunity to experience the magical atmosphere of the carnival.

Street Parties and Music

Hoogeveen Carnival is also filled with street parties and live musical performances. Different musical groups take the stage and offer visitors a unique experience. It is the perfect opportunity to dance, sing and enjoy the fun.

Besides this, the town’s squares and parks are used to host live performances by local artists. It increases the energy of visitors by accompanying salsa, samba and other dance types.

Long-established Tradition of Carnival

The Hoogeveen Carnival is a long-established tradition in the town. This event is organized to celebrate the cultural heritage of the region and strengthen community spirit. Carnival is a social event that brings people together.

The planning and organization of the carnival is also supported by town residents and local businesses. Thanks to this event, the number of tourists coming to Hoogeveen increases and the town’s economy revives.

All in all, the Hoogeveen Carnival is an unforgettable event with a colorful and fun atmosphere. Costumes, parades, shows and music ensure everyone has an enjoyable time. Offering unforgettable memories for both children and adults, the Hoogeveen Carnival is definitely an event worth seeing.

The Netherlands is a country famous for its historical and cultural riches. Among these riches, traditional handicrafts also have an important place. Hoogeveen hosts one of the largest craft fairs in the Netherlands. This fair is considered a part of the country’s cultural treasure and welcomes thousands of visitors every year.

Hoogeveen is a city in the North Holland region of the Netherlands. The city is known for its love of traditional crafts and its supportive nature. The annual traditional handicraft fair is one of the most important events in the city.

Purpose of the Fair

The aim of the Hoogeveen Traditional Handicraft Fair is to increase interest in traditional handicrafts and support artists. The fair allows local people and visitors to discover local handicraft products.

The fair provides a platform to local craft artists, giving them the opportunity to showcase their talents. Visitors can examine handicraft products closely, chat with the artists and learn their working methods.

Handicrafts Exhibited at the Fair

Hoogeveen Traditional Craft Fair is a large event showcasing many different crafts. The fair generally includes products in areas such as ceramics, wood carving, lace processing, glass processing and jewelry making.

Ceramics is one of the most popular categories of the fair. Many ceramic artists exhibit their original and stylish ceramic products in the fair area. Visitors have the chance to view and purchase many different ceramic items, such as handmade pottery, vases and plates.

Wood carving also forms an important part of the fair. Talented wood artists demonstrate their impressive carving mastery. Visitors can discover the beauty of this art by seeing many products such as sculptures, furniture and decorative objects made of wood carving.

Lace embroidery is one of the traditional handicrafts of the Netherlands. There are many stands at the fair where lace embroidery is made. Visitors can examine handmade lace and learn how this elegant art is made.

Importance of the Fair

Hoogeveen Traditional Crafts Fair is an important event aimed at keeping the cultural heritage of the Netherlands alive and passing it on to future generations. This fair is a platform where local handicraftsmen have the opportunity to exhibit and promote their talents. It also offers visitors the opportunity to learn about and purchase traditional handicrafts.

The fair contributes to the preservation and promotion of indigenous handicrafts. Thanks to the fair, artists not only make sales by exhibiting their products, but also have the opportunity to reach new customers and introduce themselves to a wider audience.


Hoogeveen Traditional Crafts Fair has an important place in the cultural treasure of the Netherlands. This event, where traditional handicrafts are exhibited, offers visitors a unique experience. At the fair, you can discover local handicraftsmen, support them, and have the chance to buy these special products and use them in their own homes.

Traditional Dutch Events in Hoogeveen, the annual traditional farmer’s market in Hoogeveen, Kermis, which is the oldest festival in the Netherlands, celebrated in Hoogeveen, the Hoogeveen Museum that takes visitors on a historical journey, the colorful and fun atmosphere of the carnival in Hoogeveen, the traditional hand crafts in Hoogeveen. arts fair: the cultural treasure of the Netherlands

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